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BKtech Group’s new biomass solutions on the French market

BKtech Group is a leader in biomass technology solution for industrial applications. Headquartered in Sweden, the pioneer market f...
VKK, man slipar panna

BKtech announces a new strategic partnership in Germany

Bioenergy solutions provider BKtech announces a strategic partnership in Germany with leading boiler service specialist VKK Standa...
Gustav Melin i skogen, BKtech

Press release – Gustav Melin strengthens BKtech

Gustav with his wide network of contacts and his knowledge of the international arena will be a great asset to BKtech.
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What is bioenergy?

A growing number of companies are switching from fossil fuels to bioenergy – an important transition that will safeguard both our ...
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Wood pellets and wood powder

Wood pellets and wood powder are by-products generated by the wood and agricultural industries, and are used in BKtech's bioenergy...
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How much can I save by using bioenergy?

Switching to bioenergy is an opportunity for savings and gains. Your carbon footprint will be reduced and your business will be ab...
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How does an energy supply contract work?

Advantages of a full service contract Signing a bioenergy supply contract has several advantages. Apart from everything it covers,...
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How does an energy transition to bioenergy actually play out?

Our steps to bioenergy At BKtech, we adhere to a specific framework to ensure that the most pertinent needs of our clients are met...
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Energy types and energy carriers

What are energy types? Energy types are the different forms of energy that can be used to provide households, businesses and indus...
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Can bioenergy be used by energy companies?

What are peak and reserve loads? Peak and reserve loads are mainly intended to back up district heating networks when, for example...
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Are bioenergy plants suitable for the food industry?

The food industry is an absolutely crucial sector that provides us with quality foods and beverages. Switching to renewable, fossi...
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Renewable energy – what is it?

What does renewable energy mean? Simply put, renewables are energy sources that can self-renew within a human lifetime and, conseq...