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BKtech signs agreement with Luleå Energi

Luleå Energi is a regional energy company active in electricity, district heating, energy services, electricity trading and fiber solutions. The group consists of the parent company Luleå Energi AB, Luleå Energi Elnät AB, Lunet AB, Bioenergi AB and the jointly owned company LuleKraft AB with SSAB.

“- The previous solid fuel boiler has reached its end of life and in order to ensure a continued environmentally friendly, stable and safe supply of district heating to customers in Råneå, we chose to procure a new pellet boiler”, says David Eriksson, Production Engineer Luleå Energi. For Luleå Energi AB’s district heating system, BKtech has the honor of delivering a modular BioDuo 4.5 MW hot water plant. The bioenergy plant is located in the Råneå area and is a prefabricated pellet plant produced in Blomstermåla, Småland.

The procurement evaluation consisted of several parameters with different scoring systems developed by Luleå Energi AB and is based on many years of experience and excellence in bioenergy plants. BKtech won the tender thanks to high scores on, above all, the technical solution and layout.

“- We are incredibly proud of the trust to deliver a plant to Luleå Energi AB. Here we show how important our technical knowledge and quality actually are in the evalua6on. Our technical solution received the highest possible score in the evaluation and we are sure that Luleå Energi AB has made the right choice based on quality and reliability”, says Matz Hed, Sales Engineer BKtech.

An advantage of the BioDuo 4.5 MW is that it has a very wide power output range. It works optimally at both low and high loads and therefore fits perfectly into a district heating system as the system is very flexible.

Bioenergy in the form of wood pellets is a fossil-free, renewable and sustainable energy source where residual products, in the form of shavings, from the wood industry are used in harmony with nature and not at its expense.

We thank Luleå Energi AB for the trust and look forward to carrying out the project.

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