Gustav Melin i skogen, BKtech

Our new Senior Advisor, Gustav Melin, is on site

At the beginning of the year, we broke news that Gustav Melin would strengthen BKtech. Gustav Melin is, without a doubt, one of the people with the longest experience in the bioenergy industry and was most recently CEO at Svebio. Since August 1 2023, he has held the role of Senior Advisor at BKtech. Here, he answers two quick questions.

Welcome Gustav! How does it feel to be on site?

Good! It is fun to get to know my colleagues and how our customers reason before the decision to invest in a new bioenergy plant.

What trends are you keeping track of going forward?

Price, security of supply, CO₂ emissions and sustainability drive decision-making in the energy sector – and solid biofuels work best when all four parts are taken into account. Price and technology must always work flawlessly, and BKtech has both experience and references for this. When sustainability and emissions become more critical, the advantages of biofuels also increase. It is good that there are now regulations that companies must follow.

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