Montering av mobil bioenergianläggning

Modular bioenergy plants

All our modular bioenergy plants are manufactured in-house, which means that quality and function are carefully verified before delivery to the end client. BKtech is supplier-independent and always picks components that provide adequate functionality at an adequate price and quality. Only a few preparatory steps are required to install our bioenergy plants, which results in lower project costs for our clients, faster deliveries, efficient integration, and shorter installation periods with minimal impact on operations. All our modular plants are optimised to occupy as little space as possible. In addition, they can be transported by road, dismantled or relocated, thereby allowing our clients to sell them on, should the need arise.

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Going fossil-free pays off – both economically and environmentally. Here you can find out which type and size of bioenergy plant is best suited to your production: BioOne, BioTwin, BioMulti or BioMax.

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BioFlex – site-built bioenergy plants

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BKtech is also able to offer site-built bioenergy projects designed to help our clients go fossil-free and reduce their energy-related costs. Taking full responsibility from the very beginning to the finishing line, we deliver tailor-made system solutions that meet each and every client’s needs. Proven technology and standardised components of the highest quality contribute to our future-proof, highly reliable solutions. This concept goes by the name of BioFlex.