Träpellets och gröna blad

BKtech Group’s new biomass solutions on the French market

BKtech Group is a leader in biomass technology solution for industrial applications. Headquartered in Sweden, the pioneer market for industrial biomass, BKtech offers decentralized energy solutions for process steam and heat based on pellets and wood powder.

Building on more than 10 years of experience from Sweden, the company is now expanding to continental Europe. A local French SAS company has been created and a commercial director is in place since March 2023. John Robinson, with extensive experience from renewable energy sector in France, will be heading the launch on the French market.

Process heat accounts for more than half of the total industrial energy need in the EU, and most of this consumption is still powered by fossil fuels. In the upcoming necessary green transformation for process heat, pellets and wood powder will play a crucial role. It fulfils all the criteria here and now, both ecological, financial and technological. Compared to wood chips, the dominant biomass in France so far, pellets are superior for applications with volatile heat consumption patterns and high demands on uptime.

BKtech offers Energy Centers in the range 1-15 MW. With the multifuel burners from subsidiary WTS, customers are offered flexibility in their transformation from fossil fuels. The multifuel burners can handle bioenergy both in solid, liquid and gas form.

With modular, prefabricated and compact Energy Centers that can be placed outside of the customer plant, BKtech can drastically reduce the implementation time and minimize the disturbance on the customer operations.

BKtech will address the needs of customers in a wide range of industries, like food, beverage, paper, laundry and chemicals. Energy companies will also find the flexible and high-performing biomass solutions interesting for certain district heating applications.

For more information contact our Commercial Director John Robinson