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Is it time for your business to break free from fossil fuels? BKtech offers the most modern range of mobile and stationary bioenergy solutions in the Nordics for both industrial corporations and energy companies. With us as your partner, your business can quickly and easily transition to fossil-free energy production and, in the process, reduce your energy-related costs by up to 70%.

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By switching from fossil fuels to fossil-free bioenergy, you can benefit both the climate and your finances. Make a specific calculation for your company and find out how much you can save in terms of both CO₂ and budget.

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We are now taking the next step in our green transition. Both our clients and we are committed to reducing emissions, and our goal is to go fossil-free as quickly as possible. This will be a fantastic new asset for our factory in Borås and a big step towards our ambitious sustainability goals.

Gustaf Holst

Technical Manager at Atria Sweden

Early on in the process, BKtech has been able to prove that it is not just about replacing fossil fuels with renewable, sustainable and fossil-free bioenergy, but also about energy efficiency. The most cost-effective energy is that which is not put to use.

Stefan Kylén

CEO at Skövde Slakteri AB