BioMulti is a series of efficient and flexible bioenergy plants with multi-fuel burners. While wood powder is its primary fuel, BioMulti also thrives on bio-oil, biogas, natural gas, LPG and E01. Our powerful BioMulti is available in outputs ranging from 3 to 7 MW.

Multi – for efficient production

Montering av mobil bioenergianläggning

BKtech’s BioMulti is a modular bioenergy plant for efficient, reliable and climate-friendly energy production. As we manufacture and optimise our plants at our own state-of-the-art factory in Blomstermåla, we are able to make quick deliveries and installations throughout Sweden and beyond. All components in our plants are manufactured in the Nordic countries, and Siemens supplies our PLC systems for control and monitoring. A high-performance boiler system combined with intelligent control allows the plant to handle rapid load variations in a very flexible and stable way. Automated processes and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to excellent availability and secure energy supply.


Man svetsar matare

BKtech’s BioMulti is generally supplied with two 85 m3 wood pellet silos, which equate to 540 KWh of energy. This bioenergy plant consists of 4 modules that are manufactured and assembled in our production facility in Småland, Sweden. BioMulti features high-quality components, burners from well-known WTS AB, PLC systems from Siemens and bio-boiler from Swedish supplier VEÅ.

Easy to install

Elkopplingar i anläggning

This plant is generally delivered by truck according to European standards. BKtech has established a number of partnerships with both carriers and contractors to help with transportation. In addition, BKtech’s BioMulti is easy to install. It takes little preparation, most often just a cast slab on which we place the bioenergy plant. BioMulti is equipped with connectors and flanges to be linked to the end client’s own system.

Lower project costs

Silo under produktion

We at BKtech have developed BioMulti with the aim of achieving as small a footprint as possible. BioMulti measures 4.5m in width, 15m in length and has a height of 5.1m, chimney and silo excluded. BioMulti can also be disassembled and relocated, allowing the bioenergy plant to be sold on, should such a need arise. Modular bioenergy plants lead to lower project costs for the end client thanks to very few preparatory steps, fast deliveries and effective integration with the client’s own systems.

Technical advantages

Financial advantages

Environmental advantages

Christer Rosendal, BKtech

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