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Fossil-free steam and certification for VPK

VPK produces customised corrugated packaging solutions. The packaging is made from recycled paper and is suitable for consumer goods, food and drinks, e-commerce, and industrial applications. As a result of the investment, production will go fossil-free, renewable, and sustainable.


VPK Packaging A/S, VPK Group, Randers, Danmark


Packaging solutions


BKtech BioTwin Steam 4 MW for steam production.

Interesting facts:

VPK has been producing corrugated cardboard for packaging since 1935.

The process

In April, the concrete slab for BKtech’s BioTwin modular bioenergy plant was cast at VPK. The plant will be delivered at the end of May 2023. The delivery, which will depart from Swedish Blomstermåla in Sweden, where our plants are manufactured, and arrive in Danish Randers, consists of four modules, two filters, two chimneys, two silos and an ash container. Before delivery, test prints and a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) are carried out in Blomstermåla. VPK has achieved the highest standard of BRC certification (BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials) for its production facilities in Norrköping, Sweden, and Randers, Denmark, thereby becoming the first corrugated board manufacturer in Scandinavia to obtain this certificate at such a level.

”The VPK Randers project is currently in full swing at our factory in Blomstermåla. Assembly, welding, and electrical installations are taking place simultaneously. As project manager, I am in constant contact with the VPK’s on-site project coordinator throughout the whole project to ensure that schedules are kept and that all the various phases run as smoothly as possible.”

Michael Björlefeldt


The results

The project is ongoing and the following activities are underway. We are currently welding steam pipes and the like. Electricians from SSE are in the process of wiring the boiler housings. The insulation of flue gas pipes is in full swing, and stairs are being fitted to the modular housings. All modules and filters will be transported in a joint convoy of four heavy goods vehicles and escort vehicles to Randers, in Denmark. The cargo will weigh just under 100 tonnes.

The bioenergy plant will be installed and integrated within VPK’s system. After assembly, performance and operational tests will be carried out, with the next step being the delivery of the plant to VPK. At the same time, VPK personnel will receive all necessary training on their new BioTwin plant and be provided with corresponding documentation.

Steam-powered ambition towards CO₂ neutrality

VPK in the Danish city of Randers produces high-quality packaging made from recyclable paper. The company has an ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2025, and the production of steam in their BioTwin Steam 4MW has been a crucial element in this effort. Listen to CEO Morten Kjeldgaard talk about why they chose BKtech as their supplier.

The result

An efficient installation process is crucial for a successful transition to fossil-free fuels. In this video, you can see how we proceeded with the installation at VPK Randers. The modules and filters weigh just under 100 tons. After steam pipes are welded, cables are laid, and insulation is completed, there remains the testing phase and handover, while VPK’s personnel are trained in the BioTwin facility.

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