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A worthwhile and timely investment

VPK produces customised corrugated packaging solutions. The packaging is made from recycled paper and is suitable for consumer goods, food and drinks, e-commerce, and industrial applications. As a result of the investment, production will go fossil-free, renewable, and sustainable.


VPK Packaging AB through VPK Group, Bäckefors Sweden.


Packaging and wrapping materials


BKtech BioOne 3MW

Interesting facts:

VPK has been producing corrugated cardboard for packaging since 1935.

The process

In 2016, the company became part of the Belgian VPK Group. This allowed for a much-needed switch to pellets. The possibility of replacing oil with fossil-free alternatives had long been under consideration. Furthermore, it was possible to obtain funding for the investment through the Swedish Klimatklivet scheme. The plant became operational in 2019 and has since proven to have a positive impact on several levels. Fewer production stoppages, significant energy savings, and even more environmentally sound production and heating of premises, factory, and rollers. A ready-made solution on delivery made installation smooth and trouble-free.

We have nothing but positive points to make about our fossil-free switch. We probably should have made the transition earlier.

Anders Johansson

Maintenance Manager

Are you curious about the green switch movement?

Listen to Anders Johansson tell us more about their experience of cooperating with BKtech, VPK’s bioenergy transition and what benefits are to be gained from a green path to the future.

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