Grillade kycklingvingar

Stranda Kyckling AB

A small chicken farm in Mönsterås, on the south coast of Sweden, which takes great responsibility for the climate

The mission

This Mönsterås-based poultry factory was in need of a sustainable and climate-smart method of heating its new broiler houses. Being a producer of products from livestock entails a great responsibility, that of taking care of animal welfare. Heat is a basic necessity that can also be provided without fossil fuels using bioenergy.


Stranda Kyckling AB


Poultry farming


BKtech BioFlex Heat 700 kW for warm water production

Interesting facts:

Stranda Kyckling was named 'Spjutspetsföretag' (pioneering company) of the year in 2019 by the Swedish industry magazine Land Lantbruk, LRF Konsult, Sweden's largest accounting firm, and Swedbank

The process

We signed a contract with Stranda Kyckling and subsequently delivered a 700 kW site-built bioenergy plant for wood chip heating. The woodchip heating system will ensure comfortable heating of the poultry houses using climate-smart bioenergy – an important part of the company’s sustainability efforts, whereby environmental awareness is a key focus.

The results

The boiler plant was completed in spring 2021 and we are looking forward to seeing the future results of cost-effective, fossil-free heating. We at BKtech would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Stranda Kyckling AB for their trust in us!




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Staffan Lundegårdh, BKtech

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