Grillade kycklingfiléer med grönsaker

Nya Lantfågel på Österlen

Nya Lantfågel in Österlen, a Swedish producer of poultry products from chickens of Swedish origin ready to take another step towards a fossil-free, renewable and sustainable production

The mission

Nya Lantfågel in Österlen is a member of Svensk Fågel, the trade association for Swedish food poultry production and breeding,and as such guarantees that its poultry hatched, reared and slaughtered in Sweden. As part of sustainable food production, Nya Lantfågel signed an agreement with us at BKtech to switch to fossil-free bioenergy.


Nya Lantfågel på Österlen AB


Food; poultry


BKtech BioOne Steam 870 kW for steam production

Interesting facts:

Nya Lantfågel also produces chicken-based meatballs and sausages

The process

Two old steam boilers – one for oil heating and one for LPG – will be replaced by a new 0.87 MW bioenergy plant fossil-free steam. This is a major and important step towards sustainable food production, and the start of an exciting collaboration.

Nya Lantfågel bets on Plug&Play

Andreas Norman, Purchasing Manager, and Bill Wigren, PTA Manager, talk about their BKtech’s Plug&Play solution, now located by the sea in beautiful Simrishamn. You will also hear about cutting energy costs and fossil-free production.

The results

The plant will be delivered in the latter part of 2022, and we at BKtech look forward to being part of the journey, as well as future results for Nya Lantfågel in Österlen. We thank them for their trust and a great partnership.




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