Krönleins Bryggeri

In an effort to save both money and climate, the brewery Krönleins Bryggeri is switching to bioenergy.


Krönleins Bryggeri aimed for a sustainable and more environmentally friendly energy supply for their manufacturing operations. Consequently, they opted for energy transitioning and replaced their fossil fuel-based energy solution with biofuel, derived from grinding wood pellets into wood powder.


Krönleins Bryggeri




BKtech BioFlex 3 MW for steam production

Interesting facts:

The Krönlein family has been at the helm of their brewery for six generations, which makes them the family with the longest brewing tradition in Sweden.

The process

In 2022, work started on the construction of a bioenergy plant for steam production. The plant has an output of 3 MW and will be powered by wood powder. As the plant is located in the town centre of Halmstad, the requirements regarding exhaust gas cleaning, low noise levels and building permit conditions are quite challenging. However, BKtech has been able to meet them by retrofitting one of its plants!

A brewery betting on the future

For six generations, the Krönlein family has been running a brewery in Halmstad, Sweden. Join Carl Krönlein, managing director, as he talks about the industry’s sustainability requirements, the pursuit of fossil-free beverage production, and an energy market “gone crazy.”

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