High Coast Distillery

A high-quality whisky is produced in Bjärtrå in northern Sweden, which is as agreeable to the palate as it is to the future of our planet.

The mission

The High Coast Distillery set out to make its whisky production more sustainable, both financially and environmentally. Prior to our partnership, fossil heating oil was used. The decision to move away from fossil fuels has had a positive impact both in terms of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and cutting production costs.


High Coast Distillery




BKtech BioOne Steam 870 kW för produktion av ånga

Interesting facts:

Reducering av CO₂-utsläpp beräknas till 560 ton per år. Det motsvarar årsutsläppen från ca. 200 personbilar

The process

After an ad-hoc analysis and assessment of the requirements, we supplied a bioenergy plant for steam generation. The 870 kW steam boiler is fuelled by wood pellets – a sustainable, fossil-free biofuel that guarantees lower energy-related costs and reduces CO₂ emissions. The steam boiler was installed in a newly constructed building next to the beautiful Ångerman River, and connected to the existing production system.

The results

Following the installation of the plant, High Coast Distillery can now proudly produce top-quality products in a sustainable, climate-friendly and fossil-free manner. The distillery has reduced its carbon footprint by as much as 560 tonnes per year and experienced significant financial benefits from switching from oil to wood pellets. Whisky is now produced in harmony with nature, in a way that is as agreeable to the palate as it is to the future of our planet.




Generic fuel savings, not related to a specific reference case.

Andreas Åström, BKtech

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