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Gudruns kött & charkuterier

Prior to starting construction of a brand new production plant, Gudruns AB decided to make it fossil-free from day one

The mission

Gudruns AB supplies Swedish quality meat from Swedish farms and is currently building a brand new production plant in Jordbro. Early in the process, the decision was made to make the plant fossil-free, and BKtech was approached to help analyse future energy needs and determine the plant’s dimensions.


Gudruns AB


Meat & charcuterie


BKtech BioOne Steam 1,3 MW for steam production, and consultancy services including energy balance sheet

Interesting facts:

Gudruns AB has been producing charcuterie since 1925

We understood early on that BKtech could help dimension the production plant and determine our energy needs based on their knowledge and long experience of food processes.

Andreas Ögren

CEO at Gudruns AB

The process

​​We were both honoured and delighted to be asked to help make the new plant fossil-free and climate-smart from day one. We therefore signed a mandate where we design a pellet boiler inclusive of an energy balance sheet. A thorough and well-crafted analysis on our part made the client feel heard and satisfied as to their needs, which led them to choose to proceed with the collaboration.

The results

In May 2022, our bioenergy plant was delivered to Gudruns AB and the new production facility in Jordbro. The pellet boiler will produce 1.3MW of steam and make production climate-smart, sustainable and fossil-free. “It has been great to collaborate with Gudruns AB and to be part of building a new fossil-free and sustainable slaughterhouse,” says our Business Development Manager Staffan Lundegårdh.




Generic fuel savings, not related to a specific reference case.

Andreas Åström, BKtech

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