Atria is located in Borås, Sweden, and produces classic Swedish sausages for garnishing or cooking.

The mission

Borås-based Atria has a clear overarching goal: To create a carbon-neutral food supply chain. A big step on the way is to give up the old oil boiler and create a fossil-free and climate-smart production that will not add to global warming.






BKtech BioOne Steam 1,3 MW for steam production

Interesting facts:

Some of the most beloved Swedish sausages are made in Borås, such as Onsala sandwich sausage, Norrboda sausage and Ridderheim bierwurst

The process

In the spring of 2022, a 1.3 MW modular bioenergy plant for the production of steam from biofuel in the form of wood pellets was delivered. Since wood pellets are a natural and sustainable raw material, made from residual products from the wood industry, the bioenergy plant will be “a fantastic addition to the Borås factory and a big step towards our high sustainability goals”, according to Gustaf Holst, Technical Manager at Atria.

We are now taking the next step in our green transition. Both our clients and we are committed to reducing emissions, and our goal is to go fossil-free as quickly as possible. This will be a fantastic new asset for our factory in Borås and a big step towards our ambitious sustainability goals.

Gustaf Holst

Technical Manager Atria Sweden

On Atria’s energy journey

Borås-based Atria produces some of Sweden’s best-loved traditional sausages. Here, site manager Jenny Johansson shares her thoughts on switching to wood pellets, addressing operational reliability and taking the leap to fossil freedom and reduced energy costs.

The results

Atria is expected to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 580 tonnes per year. This is a major environmental gain, which also goes hand in hand with a financial gain. The investment was partially financed through the Swedish investment aid programme Klimatklivet. As the energy cost of bioenergy is significantly lower than that of fossil alternatives, the payback period of the bioenergy plant will be rather short.




Generic fuel savings, not related to a specific reference case.

Andreas Åström, BKtech

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