BioOne is our family of mobile bioenergy plants that use wood pellets as an energy source in outputs ranging from 870 W to 2 MW. BioOne is available in a number of configurations that are optimised for the production of steam, warm water, hot water or hot oil.

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BioOne Steam 1 MW

Our state-of-the-art Energy Centers are prefabricated, which minimizes the effect on your operations. They’re also modular and designed to take up as little space as possible. BKtech offers modular Energy Centers, prefabricated in-house to verify quality and functionality. The modular concept allows a straightforward installment of the Energy Center, resulting in lower project costs, faster delivery, and efficient integration with minimal impact on operations. We’re supplier-independent, meaning adequate functionality at an adequate price and quality. BKtech BioOne Steam is a modular bioenergy plant for efficient, reliable and climate-friendly steam production. A high-performance system combined with intelligent control allows the plant to handle rapid load variations in a very flexible and stable way. Automated processes and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to excellent availability, high thermal efficiency and secure steam supply. Wood pellets reduce CO2 footprints while meeting all criteria for process steam needs and maintaining a competitive Life Cycle Cost (LCC). This makes our products ideal for laundries, chemical companies, concrete companies, food and beverage producers and corrugated cardboard manufacturers. BioOne for steam includes: • Boiler House • Control and Monitoring System • Pellet Burner • Steam Boiler • Steam System • Flue Gas System • Ash Handling System • Installation and Commissioning, as well as Training. • Documentation BioOne is based on a steam boiler with associated fire tubes and a pellet burner. The bioenergy plant is designed to establish a safe working environment around the steam boiler, ensuring that valves and fittings are accessible. The bioenergy plant is CE-marked in accordance with current regulations. The plant is placed on a concrete slab. Fuel Handling Fuel storage and transport, as specified in technical data sheet for the energy plant, are provided either by the purchaser or BKtech. Combustion Pellet burners for the combustion of wood pellets are mounted in the fire tube on one end of the steam boiler. The pellet burners are of the grate type with a movable grate and equipped with fans and dampers for primary, secondary, and tertiary air control. The design and placement of air holes in the grates create air rotation, resulting in efficient combustion. Refractory ceramics are placed between the grates to elevate the combustion temperature. The casings of the pellet burners are tubular and equipped with an insulated water mantle with the same pressure rating as the steam boiler. Ignition is carried out using an electric igniter. Steam Boiler A three-pass fire tube boiler with a water mantel. The boiler tubes are equipped with air baffles for effective automatic soot blowing. The boiler is insulated and covered with aluminum stucco sheet on the cylindrical part and lacquered sheet on the ends. The boiler includes complete armature. Aluminum caequer on the boiler top are included. The included dry-out protection allows for 72-hour unsupervised operation. The working pressure of the steam boiler allows for energy buffering, simplifying and improving production during load changes. The boiler does not require emergency cooling during power outages. The steam outlet point is on the exterior wall of the bioenergy plant. The plant is equipped with safety equipment to meet current requirements. Feedwater Feedwater, as specified in technical data sheet, is provided either by the purchaser or by BKtech. Control System, BKtech The control and monitoring system is designed for optimal power control. The entire plant is controlled and monitored using a complete control system, including the following main units: • Control cabinet for PLC system, motor groups, and safety systems. • Frequency converters with communication adapters mounted in the control cabinet. • Operator panel in the control cabinet for communication between the operator and the process. The control system is designed to handle all operational scenarios that occur between the boiler and the process. Internet Internet access is provided either by the purchaser or by BKtech. With a fixed internet connection (public IP address) or via a 4G modem (with UPS supply), BKtech can control and adjust necessary process parameters as needed. SIM cards and subscriptions are provided and owned by the purchaser. Electrical System The purchaser connects the required power supply to the designated connection point in the bioenergy plant. BKtech performs complete electrical installation within the bioenergy plant, i.e., for equipment supplied by BKtech. Ventilation The plant is supplied with the necessary supply and exhaust ventilation. Domestic Water The purchaser provides domestic water according to the technical data sheet at the designated connection point in the bioenergy plant. Drainage The purchaser provides drainage in the concrete slab according to the foundation drawing provided by BKtech. BKtech connects the bioenergy plant to the drainage. Compressed Air Compressed air, as specified in technical data sheet, is provided either by the purchaser or by BKtech. Fire Protection The plant is equipped with fire protection equipment to meet current requirements. Flue Gas The plant is equipped with a ceramic flue gas filter (except BioOne Steam 870 kW) located outside the bioenergy plant. With this filter, the plant complies with emissions requirements according to the European MCP directive. After the ceramic flue gas filter, a flue gas fan is installed to create negative pressure in the boiler's fire tubes and transport the flue gases through the system to the steel chimney. Ash handling After the ceramic flue gas filter, a flue gas fan is installed to create negative pressure in the boiler's fire tubes and transport the flue gases through the system to the steel chimney. Commissioning, Training, and Documentation Commissioning and adjustment of the delivered plant are included. Training for operating personnel, divided into a practical and a theoretical part, is included. Documentation includes: • Manual with operating instructions • Self-check documents, e.g., daily inspection • Electrical schematics • Flow diagrams • Declaration of Conformity (CE marking) • Inspection folder • Test documents FAT, SAT • Component list Service and Maintenance Operation, service, and maintenance must be carried out according to the manual. BKtech offers service agreements that are signed separately.


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Wood pellet silo

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