BioOne is our family of mobile bioenergy plants that use wood pellets as an energy source in outputs ranging from 870 W to 2 MW. BioOne is available in a number of configurations that are optimised for the production of steam, warm water, hot water or hot oil.

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BioOne HW 1,3 MW

BKtech BioOne HW is a mobile bioenergy plant for efficient, reliable and climate-friendly hot water production. As we manufacture and optimise our plants at our own state-of-the-art facility in Blomstermåla, we are able to make quick deliveries and installations throughout Sweden and beyond. All components in our plants are manufactured in the Nordic countries, and Siemens supplies our PLC systems for control and monitoring. A high-performance system combined with intelligent control allows the plant to handle rapid load variations in a very flexible and stable way. Automated processes and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to excellent availability, high thermal efficiency and secure hot water supply.


Mobile bioenergy plant

Energy type

Hot water


Wood pellets


1,3 MW

Wood pellet silo

1 x 85 m3 (corresp. 270 MWh energy)


3,7 x 12,0 x 4,1 m

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