VPK Packaging, Bäckefors


VPK Packaging, Randers

The company has an ambitious goal of being CO₂ neutral by 2025. Here, CEO Morten Kjeldgaard explains why they chose BKtech as a supplier.

Krönleins Bryggeri

For six generations, the Krönlein family has been running a brewery in Halmstad, Sweden. Join Carl Krönlein, managing director, as he talks about the industry’s sustainability requirements, the pursuit of fossil-free beverage production, and an energy market “gone crazy.”

IWB Bahnhof

After weighing several options, Industrielle Werke Basel has opted for a BKtech solution for a district heating plant in the Basel region.


Borås-based Atria produces some of Sweden’s best-loved traditional sausages. Listen to Jenny Johansson, Site Manager, talk about their journey towards fossil-free operations and lower costs.

Skövde Slakteri

Having been in business for more than 40 years, Skövde Slakteri was ready to start their journey towards fossil-free production. Björn Hellner, Maintenance Manager, comments on the collaboration with BKtech.

Bröderna Fraimans Tvätteri AB

Bröderna Fraimans Tvätteri AB in Bålsta, a family-owned and Nordic Swan-certified company, has been stepping up its green efforts for more than 30 years. Here Ronny Fraiman discusses, among other things, how the company has cut down on energy costs.

Nya Lantfågel på Österlen

Andreas Norman, Purchasing Manager, and Bill Wigren, PTA Manager, share insights on reducing energy costs, fossil-free production and BKtech’s Plug&Play solution located by the sea in beautiful Simrishamn.

Thomas Lenegård, Lulles

”Lulles” – Ludvig Sörensen

“Lulles,” long-established cured meat producer, stands for quality and craftsmanship. Fossil-free production and green investments are top of the agenda. Tomas Lenegård, CEO, tells us about one of the company’s safest investments ever.

Anders Johansson, VPK

VPK Packaging, Bäckefors

VPK Packaging depends on an efficient and reliable supply system and had long considered an energy conversion. Learn about their journey of change towards environmentally sound growth.

Wermlands Mejeri

The dairy business is living up to its motto ‘Moo or never’. Listen to Yngve Gustafsson talk about sustainable dairy production and how a bioenergy plant is probably the best investment his company has ever made.

Svenska Lantchips

Svenska Lantchips aims to produce potato chips that serve both the consumer and the climate. To this end, their fryers are now powered by biomass instead of propane gas. Listen to how they went about switching to fossil freedom.

Andreas Ögren, Gudruns


Since the company’s founding in 1925, cured meat producer Gudruns has been synonymous with Swedish excellence with a focus on sustainability. Considering the sensitive nature of its operations, investing in a bioenergy plant proved vital.

Falköpings Mejeri

Falköping Mejeri is outspokenly committed to caring for society, nature, and future generations. CEO Anders Segerström explains how they have managed to reduce their emissions by 2880 tons of CO₂ per year.

Jens Abeling, CWS


CWS aims to become carbon-neutral and, as of 2020, generates process heat via biomass. Still, Jens Abeling, Project Manager Operations, regrets not switching to pellets sooner.

High Coast Whisky

High-quality whiskey is produced in Bjärtrå, northern Sweden. Delve into a journey toward fossil-free production and reduced energy costs. Roger Mellander, Distillery Manager, tells the story.