More bioenergy is needed for electricity production in Sweden

Even before the war in Ukraine, electricity prices started to rise, especially in southern Sweden. Today, the combination of war, soaring inflation and lack of gas supplies from other parts of the world has contributed to electricity shortages and sky-high electricity prices.

Johan Bruce and Mårten Larsson of Swedish Forest Industries point out that the electricity shortage in southern Sweden was noticeable prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and that the skyrocketing prices and electricity shortages cannot be blamed solely on the war.

“A reliable and competitive electricity supply has laid the foundation for Sweden’s prosperity,” writes Johan Bruce of Swedish Forest Industries, “but now the cost of electricity is threatening our industry, whereas expanded biofuel-based cogeneration would provide us with more predictable electricity production”. According to Johan Bruce, predictable electricity production would contribute to lowering electricity prices and relieving the load on the grid. Find out more in our latest article, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about switching to fossil-free bioenergy.

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