Träpellets och gröna blad

How does an energy transition to bioenergy actually play out?

With BKtech, switching from fossil fuels to bioenergy is an easy move. We start with a feasibility study and an analysis of needs, leading to the construction of an efficient and functional bioenergy plant.

Our steps to bioenergy

At BKtech, we adhere to a specific framework to ensure that the most pertinent needs of our clients are met. Our partnerships are carried out in sync with our clients. Together, we find just the right solution for your business. This is how it goes:

  • Analysis of needs: In this phase, we analyse our clients’ needs together with the clients themselves and determine their energy needs, operational requirements and further energetic aspects that will affect the final result.
  • Design and engineering: After our analysis of needs, we work on engineering and designing the bioenergy plant that is to be delivered.
  • Assembly and integration: The bioenergy plant is finalised in our facility in Blomstermåla and, once ready, it is delivered to the end client’s site, where we ensure that it is properly installed and integrated with the already existing equipment. We never leave the premises until everything is working as it should and our client can return to business as usual without any worries.
  • Maintenance: We offer a range of maintenance and service contracts that make it easier for our clients to own, rent and otherwise maintain our plants. Our most popular full service contract has us at BKtech taking care of everything from upkeep and operation to pellet deliveries.

We at BKtech will handle the most essential part of your energy transition. We will come to your premises, inspect your facilities, examine your current system and pose a few questions about your business operations. Building on this, we will submit a number of proposals and assess your potential savings, both in terms of money and CO₂ emissions, as well as recommend service contracts, bioenergy plants and everything else our client may need to make a quick and easy decision.

Do I need to discontinue my operations?

We always strive to make as little impact on production as possible. Typically, operations may need to be suspended for the relatively short time it takes to integrate a new bioenergy plant with an existing system. Typically, the whole procedure lasts for between one and twenty-four hours. However, the pre-installation period does not affect operations and, once the plant is integrated, production can continue as usual.

How long does an energy transition take?

An energy transition may require different lead times depending on the needs of specific clients, their current circumstances and the type of bioenergy plant that they need. The advantage of an energy transition together with BKtech lies in the fact that we pre-produce a number of modules in Blomstermåla, Småland, thus significantly shortening delivery times. Stocking ready-to-use components allows us to be prepared for a variety of situations, and local manufacturing gives us greater control over distribution.

Our shortest lead time – from contract signature to completion of the bioenergy plant – was just under five months. A very quick energy transition, made possible by our local production, our modular design and favourable conditions at the client’s site. Although different energy transitions may result in different turnaround times, our goal is always to complete our work in the shortest possible time. We know how vital it is to reduce energy expenditure as quickly as possible and that a swift response can at times be crucial for a business.

Are you interested in knowing more about switching to bioenergy with BKtech? Contact us to take the first step towards a sounder economy and a better climate.

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