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Can bioenergy be used by energy companies?

Many energy companies today provide fossil-free electricity from wind power and hydropower. However, powering peak and reserve loads in district heating networks relies on significant amounts of fossil energy, which in turn has a large carbon footprint.

What are peak and reserve loads?

Peak and reserve loads are mainly intended to back up district heating networks when, for example, it is very cold and may also be needed in cases where regularly scheduled output is not available.

How can bioenergy be used by energy companies?

Bioenergy plants perform the same function as obsolete fossil-fuelled boilers, but significantly reduce the carbon footprint of operations through the use of bioenergy.

Switching to a bioenergy plant offers many advantages for energy companies:

  • we can supply bioenergy plants capable of combusting a variety of fuels: wood pellets, wood powder, biogas and bio-oil
  • fuel variation provides greater coverage against potential future shortages of specific fuels
  • our plants are flexible and, if needed, relocatable
  • your CO₂ emissions will decrease significantly and your business will join in climate protection
  • the opportunity to choose energy types according to market prices will result in more stable prices

A bioenergy plant for peak and reserve loads can provide security in scenarios requiring the deployment of backup boilers.

At BKtech, we do not just supply bioenergy plants – we offer a range of services and contracts aimed at helping with operations, fuel distribution, plant upkeep and other maintenance services, so that your energy company can concentrate on taking care of your clients and your energy supplies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in replacing a peak or reserve load plant with a more climate-smart bioenergy plant from BKtech.

Which kind of bioenergy plant is suitable for an energy company?

We at BKtech mainly recommend two of our bioenergy plants to energy companies: BioMax and BioMulti. These two plants can be adapted to different types of energy – thanks to multi-fuel burners – in order to make the plant more flexible and less dependent on one and the same type of energy.

BioMulti can generate between 3 and 7 MW and BioMax can generate up to 15 MW. This makes them powerful, efficient and flexible, while helping to reduce both carbon footprint and operating costs.

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