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BKtech signs deal with Wermlands Mejeri

Wermlands Mejeri has signed an agreement with BKtech with the aim of moving away from its current use of fossil heating oil and towards the consumption of bioenergy, in the form of wood pellets, at its dairy in Nysäter, Värmland. This means that the company’s energy consumption will be completely fossil-free, renewable and sustainable, a key aspect of Wermlands Mejer’s environmental efforts. Bioenergy will be supplied by means of a new 700 kW mobile steam boiler. The boiler will be installed in a newly constructed building, connected to the existing production system. Delivery is scheduled for autumn 2021.

Wood pellet bioenergy is a fossil-free, renewable and sustainable energy source that makes use of residual products from the wood industry, such as wood chips, in harmony with nature and not at its expense. This is how we shape the future together with our clients, harnessing good energy.